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St. Louis Cardinals Rumors: Carlos Beltran Could Come Cheaper Than Expected

Spot the weird thing in this tweet about Carlos Beltran's contract demands, and then allow yourself one brief, dreamy moment of contemplation about Carlos Beltran in the St. Louis Cardinals' lineup—"Rockies signing Cuddyer closes out one option for Beltran," says Danny Knobler of, "Heard yesterday he has at least one offer for $10 million per year." 

Have you spotted the weird thing yet? Baseball sources are apparently surprised that a guy with an OPS+ of 152 last season has an offer on the table of at least $10 million per year. If Beltran is that cheap, the Cardinals—who already have two injury-prone sluggers, Allen Craig and Lance Berkman, with which to shuffle Beltran and keep Jon Jay in a major role—absolutely must pounce on their former NLCS nemesis.

If he's not that cheap—seriously, Josh Willingham just got three years at $7 million—the Cardinals should probably still pounce, especially if he'll go two years. But I'm surprised we're still having this discussion if Beltran isn't already getting $30 million deals.