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MLB Rumors 2011: All Still Quiet On Albert Pujols Contract Front

Even the most prominent MLB rumor-mongers out there are silent as 2011 draws to a close: Albert Pujols contract talks are still ongoing, but it's anybody's guess as to what they look like and how far along they are. The St. Louis Cardinals are looking for clarity, whatever that entails, from Dan Lozano; the Chicago Cubs are interested, but nobody knows how interested; the Miami Marlins have made an offer, as part of their attempt to make an offer to every last MLB free agent

The most interesting news, such as it is, comes from Bernie Miklasz, who wrote yesterday that the Cubs and Lozano might be less in negotiations than they are cahoots

It could be, with Pujols coming off an off-season and the rumor mill about his age shuddering to life once again despite no particularly fresh allegations to that effect, that Pujols's market value will turn out to be closer to what the Cardinals offered just before Spring Training than anyone expected. Which would be good news for the Cardinals, and bad news for Cardinals fans who were expecting more in the way of concrete rumors in the next month or so.