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Jose Reyes Signs With Marlins, Albert Pujols's Agent Pulls At Collar

The Miami Marlins' parade of 2011 free agents has, ahead of the 2011 Winter Meetings, already produced two big catches: Joining Heath Bell in the Marlins' goofy new uniforms is Jose Reyes, who signed with the ostensibly destituteMarlins for six years and $106 million. Winners: The Marlins, who have successfully proved that the people in charge of doling out public funding for sports stadiums are among the dumbest human beings on planet earth. Losers: Hanley Ramirez, who will be moving off shortstop, and Albert Pujols, whose only other public offer came from the Marlins. 


The Worldwide Leader, at least, is unable to believe this is the end of the Pujols-to-Florida sweepstakes: Jayson Stark tweeted soon after the deal was reportedly done that his sources think the Marlins will continue to make a push for the Cardinals first baseman. But if I'm Dan Lozano, his agent, I worry both about the Marlins' resources and Pujols's memory of the last two times the Marlins went on a big spending binge and then cut spending immediately afterward.