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2011 MLB Free Agency: Cardinals GM Says Albert Pujols Acted 'Professional'

The St. Louis Cardinals GM John Mozeliak addressed the media on Thursday afternoon, making comments mostly concerning the recent signing of Albert Pujols by the Los Angeles Angels.

During the press conference, which broadcast simultaneously on the Cardinals website, Mozeliak discussed a few elements of the negotiations with Pujols, noting the team had been engaged with Pujols since the GM meetings in November. Mozeliak said the organization felt no ill will towards Pujols and described the process as "professional."

Mozeliak also said that not-signing Pujols does not hamper their long-term plans as they do not want to block Allen Craig. The left fielder, who played a pivotal role in the Cardinals' 2011 World Series victory, recently had surgery surgery on his injured right knee, but will only miss about a month of the 2012 season, according to Mozeliak.

The Cardinals GM refused to comment on other possible free agent targets, such as first baseman Prince Fielder.

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