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Albert Pujols Contract Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment

It was inevitable, and is bittersweet: Albert Pujols's contract chase has been immortalized, for victorious Los Angeles Angels fans and downtrodden St. Louis Cardinals fans, in Taiwanese animation form. I'm glad to see Albert and the Cardinals get the full computer-animation-and-Republic-of-China rundown, I just wish it had come under better circumstances. From Next Media Animation, "LA Angels level up with Pujols, Wilson signing."

The video is pretty thorough—they discuss Pujols's recent age-gate accusations, the incredible length of his contract, the way Wilson and Pujols were competing with one-another in the World Series, the way the Los Angeles Angels will need to grab market share from the Dodgers while their payroll climbs. They even discuss that whole thing where two sexy Taiwanese ladies escaped orbit while riding a not-to-scale space shuttle with the NMA logo painted on it.

Before you ask: Yes, it's truly a shame that ESPN finances Around the Horn instead of more of these. I'd like to see them use that money to recreate entire games in Taiwanese-animation format.