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Michael Young Groupon Not Available To St. Louis Cardinals

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I happened to like those Groupon Super Bowl commercials, tone-deaf as they were—I thought they were a satire on celebrity cause-mongering—but their new third baseman deal isn't quite as deep a discount as I'm accustomed to; the St. Louis Cardinals would be wise to avoid it, or maybe wait for something similar to show up on woot. 


$18 million off isn't a bad deal for a Gold Glove second and third baseman, but Michael Young hasn't ever really been one. It's not a bad deal for an impact hitter, but he's no Dan Uggla. To be honest, Michael Young needs the Texas Rangers more than the Rangers need him. With the Rangers he's a guy who'll get more than 2000 hits with one franchise and get a few Hall of Fame votes when he retires, having spent his entire career with one team. With the Cardinals, he'd be... Mark DeRosa


He's been jerked around in Texas, and to be honest I think he has a reason to be angry; he's moved around like few would-be stars would allow and the Rangers have taken advantage of that to slowly squeeze him out of the everyday lineup. I wouldn't have been able to resist that Mike Napoli trade either, but he should be playing catcher instead of sitting behind one-year-wonder Yorvit Torrealba


In the meantime, Woot has an Internet-connected alarm clock available for 70 bucks. The Dash is yet another fragmented Sony product that's destined to have a short shelf-life, but it's on sale!