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Is Albert Pujols, Or Anyone For That Matter, Worth $300 Million?

If you listen to the fans, the St. Louis Cardinals need to sign Albert Pujols to a contract extension, no matter what the cost. And who can blame them for having that opinion, he is the cornerstone of that franchise and probably the best player in baseball. But it is going to take a ridiculous contract to keep him in St. Louis (or sign him to another team) and is he really worth that kind of money?

Rob Neyer at SB Nation offers his best guess.

Ultimately, I think the Cardinals simply aren't well-positioned to make a $300 million commitment. The Yankees could make a $275 million commitment because they can, if necessary, eat a big chunk of that $275 million and all you'll hear is a mild burp. But something like that could cripple the Cardinals for years.

Whether or not Pujols will actually demand $300 million from the Cardinals remains to be seen. He deserves to be the highest player in baseball, that is for sure, but does he deserve to be the highest player in baseball in each of the next ten years? That seems a little excessive. Ten years is an awfully long time, and Pujols will be 41 by the time this contract ends.

The Cardinals need to re-sign Albert Pujols, that much is for sure. I'm just not sure they can afford to spend that much money on any one player. Even if he is the best player in baseball.