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Albert Pujols Press Conference: St. Louis Cardinals Made One Offer January 1

Albert Pujols’s contract deadline has passed, and the St. Louis Cardinals are holding a press conference to give their side of the negotiations that weren’t. John Mozeliak and Bill DeWitt spoke, and while they refused to get into the specifics at all—at one point DeWitt had to clarify to Joe Strauss of the Post-Dispatch that he “got the question” and wasn’t going to answer it.

The biggest revelation: The Cardinals made one offer at the first of the year, although DeWitt was quick to clarify that “exploratory discussions” about altering the deal were made over the course of negotiations. Mozeliak said that the team felt good about the offer it made, adding that, “once he’s in the free agent market he can weigh the free agent market against where we are, and I think that’s something he wants to see.”

The Cardinals don’t plan on opening discussions during the season to honor the Pujols camp’s request, but mentioned several times that they’re willing to listen if Lozano calls.

Mozeliak also shot down any hint of trade talks, saying it’s a decision made from management on down.