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Jim Edmonds Retires Due To Lingering Foot Pain

A few days ago we found out that Jim Edmonds career may have been in jeopardy, and now it is official. Edmonds has officially retired, according to Rick Hummel at

In a statement released by the Cardinals, Edmonds said that after he spoke to team physician Dr. George Paletta "and a number of doctors about the potential risk of future permanent damage, I have decided to retire. Although I feel I can still play and contribute, the risk of permanent injury is too much for me to chance.

Edmonds played center field in St. Louis from 200-07 and went to four All-Star games. he was attempting to comeback to the Cardinals after playing for the Reds last year. He injured himself late in the season, and has not been able to sufficiently heal to play a full season.

He will go down as one of the greatest defensive center fielders of all time. He won eight Gold Gloves has a bevy of plays like this on his highlight reel. He was never afraid to sacrifice his body to make a play, and he doesn't have a body that will respond to that any more.