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Baseball At-Bat Music: The Public Art

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I love a good article about baseball at-bat music, and Joe Lemire of is the most recent to oblige, with his look "inside the world of at-bat music." In general I'm against the increasingly basketball-like atmosphere at Busch Stadium, with music cues and wacky videos at every turn, but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the humble walk-up song. My recent favorite happens to be Ryan Ludwick, who went with "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys throughout his Cardinals tenure; the article mentions former Cardinal J.D. Drew as one of the few players who has no at-bat music at all, which seems about right. (I would humbly suggest Christmas Time Is Here, in the tradition of Arrested Development.)


My current pick for most irritating at-bat music in the Cardinals' clubhouse is Matt Holliday, whose song manages to hit every country-boy cliche in 10 seconds and, more pressingly, does not get me pumped at all. The article brings up another sore spot in informing me that Scott "Limp Bizkit" Rolen isn't the only star third baseman whose name the powers-that-be found punnable—David Wright apparently began his career forced to labor under the New Kids on the Block's conception of The Right Stuff. 


Since everybody's thought about it, I'll be the first to come clean—after some deliberation I've settled, long term, on the opening seconds of Dope Nose. I'm of the opinion that, at-bat-music-wise, a good riff is worth 15 or 20 words. (Which is about as many as you'll fit in your 10 seconds, anyway.)