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Wrigley Field's Roof Has A Blizzard Malfunction

This just in from Chicago currently shut down by a snowstorm just as Cubs fans should be getting ready for pitchers and catchers to report—part of Wrigley Field's roof apparently "broke away" Tuesday night, as winds from the ongoing blizzard left the home of the Cubs throwing off debris. 


The debris closed parts of Addison Street and Clark Street, and caused Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano to swing at two pieces that had floated briefly on the low outside corner. This is some frightening stuff, and the constant snowstorm updates over the last few days has only made me more anxious for baseball season to start.


You remember baseball season, right? Where it's warm, mostly, and the sun is out, and your car isn't covered in snow and ice, and pieces of Wrigley Field aren't blowing down Clark Street. If there's one blessing in St. Louis, it's that Ballpark Village wasn't around to be blown to pieces—given that project's terrible luck I can only imagine what catastrophes a snowstorm might have wrought.