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Spring Training 2011: Shelby Miller Throws In Major League Camp

Spring Training 2011 is not a prospect-heavy affair for the St. Louis Cardinals—there's no nearly there superstar on the position-player side, and the pitching prospects nearest the Major League rotation are future third starters—but here in February Shelby Miller is still around, and Matthew Leach of offers us some balmy-looking video of one of the best pitching prospects in baseball throwing off a mound. A mound! Like in baseball! That game they play in the spring!

It's clearest that the Cardinals are back when you realize that the subject of the Shelby Miller video is really none other than tipping pitches, which every player who is not a member of the Cardinals rotation apparently does. Dave Duncan finds ostensibly tipped pitches like no coach in the history of baseball, and it appears that Chris Carpenter has apprenticed himself under the master—he noticed a tap in Miller's glove that apparently was giving away his pitch selection. 

Well, problem solved—he should be pushing on Kyle Lohse's spot in the rotation by May.