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Michael Young, St. Louis Cardinals Not A Trade Connection

Michael Young, who's asked for a trade away from the Texas Rangers—it turns out his breaking point is not second base to short, or short to third, or third to DH, so much as DH to Mike Napoli's caddy—is theoretically a good fit with the St. Louis Cardinals. He's a do-anything scrapper, so Tony La Russa would love him; he's a decent hitter who can play anywhere badly, so he would work both as a Skip Schumaker replacement and David Freese's eventual third base injury replacement; and he's begging to leave a bad situation, which is usually where we begin showering a veteran in Midwestern Charm. They're even in his no-no-trade clause!


But I don't think it's possible to look at these numbers and think the Cardinals, still struggling with an Albert Pujols deal that isn't, want any part in helping out with the $48 million left on his mega-contract. And luckily, neither do the Cardinals. I'd love for the Cardinals to upgrade their patchy infield, but while Young might be the guy to do it he isn't paid like the guy to do it.