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St. Louis Cardinals, Albert Pujols Aren't On Dire Straits

It's reasonable for St. Louis Cardinals fans to be a little touchy about Albert Pujols after the two sides failed to come to a contract extension agreement prior to Spring Training, but after an ugly loss and some less-than-positive comments it's important to step back and remember that Pujols has never been an extremely gregarious interview. 

So while it's easy to hear him say "It's... not about thinking what I said a month ago or what the fans are saying..." and blanch a little, but combine Pujols's usual terseness with a conversation about something he'd rather not discuss and his three-double-play night and it's not difficult, either, to pull it back within the realm of Pujols postgamer possibility. 

I felt kind of surly, too, after the last one, so who am I to judge? I like Opening Day so much more when we're able to say that Pujols is on pace for 162 home runs, instead of 486 double plays. I've rallied since then, but it's probably still too early to suggest that he look on the bright side, and think about all the runners the Cardinals were putting on base in front of him.