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Matt Holliday Drives In Run In First Game Back From Appendectomy

Matt Holliday’s return from his Friday appendectomy has been a success so far—in the Cardinals’ Sunday game against the San Francisco Giants he’s driven in one of the team’s six runs, scoring Colby Rasmus from third base on a two-out groundball through the right field hole. Through eight innings Holliday is 1-2 with two walks, a run scored, and an RBI in his return, which comes a little more than a week after his appendix issues began.

Kyle Lohse has been the star of the game thus far, throwing seven innings and allowing just one earned run, with five strikeouts and no walks. Lohse is also 1-4, with several strikingly hard-hit balls to his name. David Freese has gone 3-4 with a double and a home run, driving in three of the Cardinals’ six runs. So far it’s been all they’ve needed.

The Giants have two hits from Freddy Sanchez and one hit and an RBI from Pablo Sandoval.