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MLB Standings Update: St. Louis Cardinals Climb NL Central Standings

The St. Louis Cardinals' place in the NL Central standings was less worrisome to fans over the first week of the season than their complete lack of scoring aptitude, but as this week's MLB standings take shape both of those problems have been solved at the same time—the Cardinals couldn't stop scoring on their recent road trip, while the Cincinnati Reds' slide from their hot start leaves them just a half-game out of first place. Such is baseball in the first few weeks: Best seen and not heard about.

The Reds have lost five out of their last six after beginning the season 8-3, and it's become clear as ever that the National League Central will not feature a dominant team, at least in the early part of the season. It's easy to get spooked when a team looks as good and as fated as the Reds did in the first week, but—well, it's the first week. The baseball season has a lot of them.