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Eduardo Sanchez, Mitchell Boggs On Cardinals Close Carousel

Rookie star Eduardo Sanchez joined Mitchell Boggs on the list of St. Louis Cardinals to receive save opportunities Wednesday night, working a tough ninth inning for the first Major League save of his career. Fantasy baseball owners of Mitchell Boggs are advised to not panic, yet—the late inning warm-ups made it seem like Boggs wasn't available at all, and Sanchez's performance (he allowed his first two runs of the season) was not especially convincing, though it came with two more strikeouts. 

Sanchez is a great prospect off to an astounding MLB start, but Mitchell Boggs likely remains the de facto closer until Tony La Russa makes a public pronouncement contradicting that; he looks like a closer, he's acted like one, and La Russa has used him as one. But expect Sanchez and even Jason Motte and Fernando Salas to be plugged into save situations as the scenario dictates. It might be that by not addressing the closer title at all, La Russa has allowed himself to fashion an ever-unpopular bullpen-by-committee without having to say those dirty words.