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Albert Pujols On TV Guide Cover, Wacky Sitcom Not Far Behind

Of all the reasons Albert Pujols might have been on the cover of TV Guide, this is undoubtedly the most boring: TV Guide is doing a baseball preview issue, and Pujols (with his WILD CARDS) is the official cover boy of their Midwest edition. Question: Give reason to fear what?  




In any case I'm looking forward to 10 pages of game synopses and then a huge newsprint schedule of the next six months, and if they must expose Albert Pujols to the infamous TV Guide cover jinx—Lucille Ball appeared on the first issue of the magazine, and now? Dead—I'm glad they picked one in which he's somehow found a way to make a batting helmet look dapper. 


I can't offer you an official insider's look at baseball like the TV Guide people, but I will remind you that the editors and writers of Viva El Birdos, along with such luminaries as Will Leitch, put out another Maple Street Press guide to the Cardinals this year, if you're looking for 128 pages of dapper photography and hyperlocal analysis.