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Albert Pujols's Contract: Joe Buck Can't Resist Interview, Ever

I think it would be best if nobody I like ever talked about the Albert Pujols contract situation again. Look, I like Joe Buck. He's not a perfect broadcaster by any means, but he's at least trying to do something unconventional, and he tends to save his self-satisfaction for football and outside the booth, which is a notable improvement on the likes of, say, Thom Brennaman. But the Washington Examiner apparently needed a St. Louis Cardinals expert to comment on the Pujols contract situation, and he didn't send them down the list. 


It's not even that he says anything particularly frustrating here. He doesn't suggest that Ryan Howard is anywhere near the player Pujols is, only that Howard's ridiculously inadvisable contract ruined things for teams with much better first basemen; he doesn't say Pujols is going to be overpaid, only that he's not sure the Cardinals will be able to go 10 years, or that they should. 


These thoughts are too similar to my own thoughts to be pissing me off like this, so I can only come to one conclusion: I don't want to hear anybody talk about this anymore, unless it's to tell me that the Cardinals and Pujols are talking again or that the Cardinals and Pujols will never talk again. Until then, I'm done, and Joe Buck is caught in the crosshairs.