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Tony La Russa Will Sit Out First Cardinals Vs. Cubs Game With Eye Infection

Tony La Russa's mysterious eye infection, most recently described as shingles, won't manage in Tuesday's series opener against the Chicago Cubs, according to a report from Joe Strauss. La Russa was at the Mayo Clinic Monday, getting another look at the long-lasting problem while undergoing his yearly ARF-related examination. 

To this point La Russa has been startlingly unwilling to miss time, despite suffering from an illness that's kept him unable to sleep at night and that's shown no signs of resolving itself. Elsewhere at the Post-Dispatch Bernie Miklasz rightly suggested La Russa take time off, if he needs it. It's as true of managers as players—at some point you can do your team more good by taking time off and getting healthy than you can by gutting it out at 70%.

La Russa's done a pretty solid managerial job this season, adapting quickly to changing bullpen situations and putting rookies Eduardo Sanchez and Fernando Salas into high-leverage positions right away, but I'm sure Jose Oquendo can manage for a few days while La Russa regains the use of his right eye.