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St. Louis Cardinals Top Philadelphia Phillies; Albert Pujols Plays Third

The St. Louis Cardinals managed to scrape six walks from the typically stingy Cliff Lee and made three runs out of the resulting baserunners; that was all Jake Westbrook needed, as he delivered one of his best starts of the season, picking up 12 groundball outs in front of an infield that included Albert Pujols, starting at third base for the first time since 2002. Ryan Theriot, Yadier Molina, and Nick Punto had two hits each for the Cardinals, who got two scoreless innings from relievers Eduardo Sanchez and Fernando Salas

Jimmy Rollins doubled for the Phillies, who fall to 25-15 on the season. As for Pujols, the Cardinals double-switched him to first base, but not before he made some nimble plays around the bag and started a 5-4-3 double play. The team is cagey on its future plans for Pujols at the position, but he seems likely to appear there at least once more before David Freese's eventual return to the active roster.