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MLB Draft 2011 Prospects: Scouting Reports On The Best, Rest Of The First Round

Scouting reports for the various 2011 MLB Draft prospects can, at times, be tough to come by—there are simply too many of them, doing too much in places with too few cameras and reporters, to reach the same kind of saturation you get in the NFL and NBA drafts. That's why I always look forward to Aaron Schafer's scouting report sets on Viva El Birdos. Of late he's scouted Tony Zych, Colton Murray, and Marcus Stroman; Andrew Chafin, Grayson Garvin, and Ian Gardeck; Josh Bell, Nick Delmonico, and Travis Harrison (who "is a monster... and hits like a monster"); Bubba Starling ("Paul Bunyan in cleats"), Blake Swihart, and Matt Purke; Francisco Lindor, Levi Michael, and Phillip Evans; and Henry Owens, Daniel Norris, and Daniel Camarena.

Now I'm going to take a deep breath.

The fundamental wackiness of the MLB Draft is such that after all that work we still have no idea whether the St. Louis Cardinals will end up taking any of these players. But with these scouting reports in hand you'll be able to say one thing more about the average first rounder than most people whose children aren't about to be drafted.