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Homer Bailey's Shoulder Sprain Leads To Another Disabled List Stint

Homer Bailey's been around seemingly forever—he was once the National League foil to Phil Hughes for Top Prospect dominance—and I have to say, as a Cardinals fan, that he's always been my favorite of the Cincinnati Reds' various pitching prospects. His high-90s fastball/big curveball combination seems like a prototypical arsenal for success, and so I've spent the last four years being proven wrong as he fails, again and again, to turn into the ace of our Hated Rivals' staff. This year he looked ready to do it, with 22 strikeouts against four unintentional walks, so naturally he's injured—a sprained shoulder capsule has him on the disabled list. 


I shouldn't be too put off by this, but at this point I feel like I've invested too much into Homer Bailey's future dominance against the Cardinals to be proven wrong this many times. Edinson Volquez? Johnny Cueto? Aroldis Chapman? It hasn't been my best call, but the good news, if it's good news, is that he should be back pretty soon. Whereupon he'll impress me again and the cycle will begin anew.