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MLB Standings Update: Cardinals Top NL Central Despite Injuries

The St. Louis Cardinals continue to lead the NL Central as MLB Standings roll over into their second month, taking a 2.5 game lead over the Cincinnati Reds into Wednesday morning after a win over the Florida Marlins, who are just a game back of the Philadelphia Phillies. 

David Freese's injury left the Cardinals with even more holes to fill, but their third base prospects are a little better than they were last year after Freese's injury, according to Viva El Birdos. Daniel Descalso did a fine job of reassuring fans Tuesday, hitting a three-run home run—the first of his career—to put the Cardinals ahead of the Marlins for good. Descalso, along with Allen Craig and veteran utility infielder Nick Punto, figures to hold down the position for the Cardinals while Freese recuperates, although Matt Carpenter looms in AAA after nearly making the team out of Spring Training. 

The Cardinals will face the Milwaukee Brewers over the weekend, an important early series in an NL Central race that's been characterized by all three would-be frontrunners' continual failure to pull away from the rest.