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Jaime Garcia's Perfect Game Ruined By Twitter, SB Nation St. Louis Staff

Jaime Garcia got eight innings into a perfect game on Friday, and the unwritten rules of baseball suggest that it's inappropriate to mention that until it's over, for one reason or another. Unfortunately, the unwritten rules of baseball were unwritten well before Twitter was created as a means of giving people who talk to themselves while vacuuming an outlet for all their thoughts. SB Nation St. Louis contributor Alex Fritz, who tweets as @boxcar_fritz, was on the scene to catch Fox Sports Midwest's unwritten rule-breaking and cause a minor scene when he quoted the Simpsons in response. 


Most people, unfortunately, were less tongue-in-cheek about maintaining the silence. The no-hitter thing is one of my least-favorite unwritten rules in baseball. I like the way the other players on the team get out of the pitcher's way when it's happening—though I also liked the way Mark McGwire totally ignored that rule to keep Bud Smith company near the end of his own, back in 2001—but the superstition of mentioning a no-hitter is difficult to keep up when everybody is constantly talking about everything. For a complete list of rule-breakers, try out this Twitter search; both Jaime Garcia and the words Perfect Game were trending Friday.