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St. Louis Cardinals Draft: Charlie Tilson Wears Red To Cubs Games, Sought Seven Figures

Charlie Tilson, the St. Louis Cardinals' second-round pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, is a Chicago native, but fear not: He's a White Sox fan who has, he says, "worn red to Cubs games" before. If the Cardinals and Tilson can come to an agreement following his selection at 79th overall the prep outfielder is likely to wear red to Cubs games again in the future. 

Undersized but athletic, with great speed and power that some scouts see more than others, Tilson told ESPN Chicago he'd hoped for a deal in what writer Scott Powers calls the "seven-figure vicinity" prior to the results of the draft. 2010 second-rounder Jordan Swagerty signed for a reported signing bonus of $600,000, although the Cardinals had two compensatory first-rounders that year. 

Tilson was one of a number of undersized-but-athletic center fielders the Cardinals went after in the 2011 MLB Draft, but he's widely considered the best of the bunch thanks to his projectability, which might help placate Cardinals fans who weren't pleased with their distinctly unprojectable first-rounder, Kolten Wong.