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2011 Cardinals Draft Picks High On Athleticism, Short On Height

The 2011 MLB Draft results are in, and one thing is clear about the St. Louis Cardinals' draft picks, even before they've all signed: They're not very tall. Second baseman Kolten Wong, the first overall pick, is a second baseman in the tradition of Fernando Vina, Aaron Miles, and Tony La Russa himself, although he promises considerably more in the way of on-base percentage than the average scrapper. Charlie Tilson, C.J. McElroy, and Kenny Peoples-Walls are all burners who lack height and the power that goes with it.

As unifying characteristics of a draft plan go this is unconventional, to say the least, but aside from the misfire on Pete Kozma, Jeff Luhnow seems to have earned some rope. So long as they do the things it says on the packaging, Luhnow's collection of undersized center fielders and infielders should be able to make up for the advertised lack of home run power.

If they don't, of course--well, I can't see Wong bulking up and moving to an outfield corner, is all I can say. For a complete list of Cardinals draft picks, with links to available scouting reports and video, visit our St. Louis Cardinals Draft Results page.