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St. Louis Cardinals Lose Fifth Straight In Livan Hernandez Shutout

Livan Hernandez shut out the St. Louis Cardinals Wednesday, picking up the ninth CGSO of his long career and getting his record all the way up to—170-171. It wasn't a banner game for the Cardinals, who also gave up 10 runs to Washington Nationals hitters, including two home runs from Mike Morse, currently fifth in the National League in slugging percentage. Albert Pujols made two errors at third base; Ryan Franklin gave up four runs in a little less than two innings; Kyle McClellan lost in his first game back from the disabled list.

"It was just kind of a frustrating game," McClellan said after the game, and no Cardinals fan is likely to disagree about the fifth straight loss the team has taken since starting their series with the Milwaukee Brewers over the weekend 2.5 games ahead in the National League Central. 

The good news: The Cardinals are set to get Matt Holliday back in time for Thursday's game. With Eduardo Sanchez out with shoulder stiffness the team's still at half strength, but Holliday, at least, hasn't got another appendix to inflame.