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Albert Pujols Injury: His Shoulder's Bugging Him Too, While He's At it

The St. Louis Cardinals team doctors have a reputation (and I think they share it with just about every other team doctor in the Major Leagues in his home city) for obfuscating the injuries that are coming across their desk—everybody seems to be progressing nicely, at all times, for the most part—but I don’t think we can blame them for the sidestory regarding Albert Pujols’s wrist injury, which is that his shoulder is also hurting.

Pujols himself performed the progressing nicely bit this time, mentioning the shoulder in the middle of a longer quote about his wrist, which will be checked further Monday.

At this point Pujols has so many nagging injuries from so many different seasons—the just-hanging-on elbow, the plantar fasciitis, the constant, undifferentiated limping—that it’s probably natural for him to be this vague. But I’m not sure I, as a fan, will ever be able to get used to it, no matter how nicely the shoulder turns out to be progressing.