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Venus Williams's Wimbledon Outfit And Baseball's Uniform Policy

Maybe I'm just not serious-enough a fan of tennis to get up in arms about Venus Williams's continually strange garb, but her latest concoction—apparently a jumper, although to me it resembles, from the front, nothing so much as a hooded sweatshirt, only her legs are somehow coming out of the pocket—just reminded me how boring baseball uniform controversies are by comparison. The big news in St. Louis Cardinals fashion circles—I'm going to assume these exist, though I've never seen one—is that the team has begun wearing their socks high, one by one, in an attempt to reverse the slump they've slipped into since being swept by the Milwaukee Brewers.


So far it hasn't worked.


But I appreciate the occasional change of pace. Like all curmudgeons I think baseball players look their baseballest when they've got socks and (fake) stirrups visible, and like all Cardinals fans I have a soft-spot for powder blue, but that Brendan Ryan look is interesting in the first place because of how many other ways players manhandle the dress code. Just as it's impossible to know good without knowing evil, it's difficult to emphasize just how cool Anthony Reyes looked with the cartoonishly flat brim and the high socks without including a Goofus panel with Manny Ramirez dressed in sweatpants and a uniform shirt that is buttoned to approximate a cowboy vest.