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Jose Bautista Gets Hot Just In Time To Sink St. Louis Cardinals

There were a few weeks there where it looked like Jose Bautista was not going to hit a home run every time he came to the plate; he had just one through the first three weeks of June, after hitting 11 in May, and his OPS had fallen from close to 1.300 to around 1.100. Now, thanks to interleague play, he seems to have found his stroke again, just in time to terrorize the St. Louis Cardinals and their rookie closer, Fernando Salas, who did nothing to deserve it.


Bautista's now homered in his last two games, and I don't want to say I'm worried about him over the course of the rest of the series but the Cardinals should just walk him every time, is kind of what I want to say.


Bautista is a great story, and part of the reason I think he's such a great story is that the Cardinals almost never have to deal with him. I'm ready for this series to be over so that I can go back to admiring him from afar.