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St. Louis Cardinals Stop Skid Against Former Browns, Win 6-2

Nick Punto and David Freese had four hits—including a Punto triple—in their return to the lineup, while Colby Rasmus and Matt Holliday homered to put the slumping St. Louis Cardinals past the Baltimore Orioles in their first of three games at Camden Yards. Kyle Lohse earned his eighth win of the season, throwing five shutout innings before leaving after a rain delay; Lance Lynn came in to replace him, striking out five in just two innings of work. 

The Cardinals got their six RBI from six different batters, including Mark Hamilton, who acted as the designated hitter despite the Orioles' starting a left-handed pitcher; he hit eighth and drove in a run on a base hit up the middle. Punto and Freese played second and third base, respectively, slotting into the infield with Ryan Theriot and Lance Berkman

The Cardinals and Orioles will continue their series on Wednesday, when Chris Carpenter and Chris Jakubauskas meet in a battle that will, thankfully, not be fought based on name rarity.