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Ryan Theriot Doubles To Tie Cardinals-Cubs Finale

Ryan Theriot, who rankled Chicago Cubs fans when he joked that he was "finally on the right side" of the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry, was instrumental in the St. Louis Cardinals' sweep of the Cubs on Sunday, hitting a two-strike, two-out double against Carlos Marmol to send the game into extra innings. Theriot, who has a 19-game hitting streak, pulled a slider down the left field line to score Tony Cruz from first base. After the game, Carlos Zambrano seemed less than pleased by the pitch selection, suggesting that the Cubs, of all teams, should know Theriot is not a fastball hitter. 

Theriot, whose double was just his 10th extra-base hit of the season, inspired Baseball Nation's Carson Cistulli to add #therioted to the hashtag dictionary, which is only appropriate for when you're beaten by a former utility infielder who is now playing for a rival. Theriot was 4-14 with two doubles in the series, scoring three times and driving in the one run, his 21st of the season. He's hitting .300/.346/.347 in 53 games with the Cardinals after a career begun with the Cubs, who at one point started Theriot and LSU teammate Mike Fontenot in the same infield.