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Fernando Salas Earns A Comedy Central Mention For Off-Color Chris Berman Nickname

Know this about me: I follow four separate Norm MacDonald Twitter accounts. I haven't missed Sports Show since it began airing on Comedy Central, and though I haven't been able to convince many of my friends or acquaintances or Twitter followers of his fundamental genius, or even gotten him to retweet me by acting like a sycophant, I will persist in that opinion until I get to that age where the government starts subsidizing the viewing of Two-and-a-Half Men. So imagine my surprise when the St. Louis Cardinals' decidedly unfamous closer-by-default, Fernando Salas, merited a mention on the season finale, courtesy of Chris Berman. Watch it, after the jump:


That said, if I had to recommend a piece from the season finale of Sports Show for your viewing pleasure it would actually be either his end-of-show Garbage Time segment or the following piece about Norm's chance to learn on the job with a minor league baseball team's lovable mascot:


You may not like the show quite enough to join @NormsBookClub, but if nothing else, I think this marks Fernando Salas's first bit of national press coverage as an important Cardinals reliever. It is, of course, a pun about his name.