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St. Louis Cardinals Draft: Complete Results Through Day Two

The St. Louis Cardinals' draft continues Wednesday, as the 2011 MLB Draft reaches its final day, but through two days they've already made 30 picks. Here's a complete list of their picks so far, with links to more information as appropriate, starting with day one's selection of second baseman Kolten Wong with the 22nd pick of the first round and continuing through second-rounder Charlie Tilson to the rest of the Day 2 picks. 

1. Kolten Wong, 22nd overall. Wong is a second baseman from the University of Hawaii known for his contact hitting, advanced plate discipline, and aggressive baserunning. Fan response so far has been mixed, but Wong is likely to move through the system quickly and sign early, so we could have a definitive answer sooner than expected.

2. Charlie Tilson, 79th overall. Tilson is an athletic center fielder with great speed and power scouts are divided on. compares him to Jacoby Ellsbury. Me? I compare every athletic 5'11" center fielder with power that may or may not develop later to Ray Lankford. He's the next Ray Lankford!

3. C.J. McElroy, 109th overall. Another ath-u-lete, a high school center fielder with bloodlines—his father, Chuck McElroy, was an MLB pitcher, grandpa Sylvester played in the Negro Leagues, and Cecil Cooper is his uncle. McElroy is supposed to play outstanding defense, and as a late bloomer he might surprise with his power in the minor leagues. 

4. Kenny Peoples-Walls, 140th overall. Another ath-u-lete. He possesses an "intriguing speed/power mix", according to his internet clips, and is currently a shortstop, although he's likely to move to second base as he bulks up. 

5. Sam Gaviglio, 170th overall. The first pitcher, if you were counting—a little small for a starter, with a college background and the usual Dave Duncan repertoire of sinkers and double-play balls. 

6. Adam Ehrlich, 200th overall. A finished product as a catcher, his skills at the plate rather than behind it are currently a mystery. But he's left-handed!

7. Nick Martini, 230th overall. Stop me if you've heard this one before: He's an undersized center fielder who's surprisingly athletic and able to hit for contact. This one's a college boy—from Kansas State. 

8. Danny Miranda, 260th overall. One of the strangest picks of the draft, Miranda is a left-handed closer with a sub-nineties fastball who put up outstanding numbers for the University of Miami as a sophomore and junior. 

9. Tyler Mills, 290th overall. Another college pitcher—a hard-throwing former outfielder who's had some inconsistent results as a pitcher for the University of Michigan. 

10. Lance Jeffries, 320th overall. Blazingly fast outfielder who "prides himself on being able to get on base." He distinguishes himself from the earlier blazingly fast outfielders by being a local product and a real, live Cardinals fan. Also by breaking the six-footer barrier. 

Capsule reports for the next 20 picks are available courtesy Austin Laymance of

11. Michael Maness, RHP East Carolina

12. Danny Stienstra, 1B San Jose State

13. Kolby Byrd, C Coplah-Lincoln CC

14. Kevin Medrano, 2B Missouri State

15. Matthew Williams, SS Liberty

16. Travis Miller, RHP University of Miami

17. Dutch Deol, RF Aliso Niguel HS

18. Kyle Hald, LHP Old Dominion

18. Nick Gillung, LHP Mercyhurst College

20. Aramis Garcia, Pembroke Pines HS

21. Christopher Kirsh, LHP Lackawanna College

22. William Kamplain, LHP Walker HS

23. Patrick Deese, RHP Western Carolina

24. Jonathan Cornelius, LHP Florida Tech

25. Todd McInnis, RHP Southern Miss

26. Brett Graves, RHP Francis Howell HS

27. Gary Apellan, RF Santa Ana College

28. Ryan Sherriff, LHP West Los Angeles College

29. Christopher Matulis, LHP Central Florida

30. David Bergin, RHP Tennessee Wesleyan 

Early pick for best name of the draft: Dutch Deol.