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MLB Draft 2011: Watch St. Louis Cardinals Pick Kolten Wong Hit, Eminem Rap

Kolten Wong, the St. Louis Cardinals' first pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, played most of his amateur games with the University of Hawaii and NCAA baseball's pinging aluminum bats, but the Cardinals are rumored to have been swayed just as much by his performance in the wood-bat Cape Cod League, a famous scouting spot for teams looking for hitters whose abilities will translate to the professional environment. Lucky for us, there's some video of Wong available, uploaded last year—and luckier still for us, the uploader plastered Eminem's "Lose Yourself" all over it! Something something Mom's spaghetti!

What I like about Wong here, relative to the average contact-hitting middle infielder, is that his swing has a little loft to it. It's missing the trademark Skip Schumaker slap downward toward the first base line, although we don't yet know whether or not Wong likes to slide headfirst to try to beat out grounders.

Current scuttlebutt has Wong signing relatively early in the process—certainly earlier than Zack Cox did last season—so soon we'll be able to see just how ready to lose himself the Cardinals' new second baseman is. I'm told you only get one shot.