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Colby Rasmus's Brother Taken In St. Louis Cardinals' Draft

As far as St. Louis Cardinals bloodlines go it's not quite that Jesse Schoendienst pick from a few years back, but it might be up there with A.J. Van Slyke—the Cardinals picked Colby Rasmus's brother, college catcher Casey Rasmus, with their 36th round pick on day three of the 2011 MLB Draft. Round 36 isn't quite in favor territory, so we could well see Rasmus, the youngest of three professional Rasmus brothers, in the minor league system when short-season ball opens up later this month. 


Last year the Cardinals selected Drew Benes, son of Cardinals pitcher and kids' TV show star Andy Benes, in the 35th round. Drew struck out a batter an inning in 18 games of relief work with rookie-level Johnson City, putting up an ERA of 1.54. 


Let's just hope this goes better than the brief career of Wil Pujols. Rasmus's other brother, Cory Rasmus, is a pitcher in the Atlanta Braves' organization.


[UPDATE: On October 26 I was informed that I had apparently confused Wilfrido Pujols, sixth-round pick and Appalachian League player, with his brother Wilfredo Pujols. I apologize for the error.]