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MLB Home Run Derby: Yadier Molina PItches To Matt Holliday, Allows Five Homers

Matt Holliday’s third trip to the MLB Home Run Derby was a team affair, with St. Louis Cardinals catcher and fellow All-Star Yadier Molina throwing him batting practice. Holliday’s derby struggles continued, as he hit just five home runs with a swing that’s always been geared more for line drives than longballs. Holliday hit a gold ball but was unable to overcome a slow early start; his longest home run traveled an impressive 443 feet.

Holliday hit five home runs in the 2010 Home Run Derby as well, and was unable to move past the first round; in 2007 he hit five home runs in the first round but was eliminated after hitting eight more in the second round. His 36 home runs in Coors Field in 2007 remain his career high, but even that year he hit 50 doubles.

Lance Berkman, another Cardinals All-Star and the National League leader in home runs with 24, did not participate. Holliday has 14 home runs at the break; he hit four of them after being selected for the Home Run Derby by NL captain Prince Fielder.