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Jose Reyes Back, St. Louis Cardinals Reluctantly Bathed In Fun-To-Watchness

Don't get me wrong: I believe the hype, when it comes to Jose Reyes. He really is incredibly fun to watch; he really does speed around the baseball diamond like he's playing with a different understanding of the rules than the average player, and he really was having a season for the ages before his usual hamstring problems began flaring up again. I'm no New York Mets fan, but I was hoping he'd make it back soon. I was not hoping he'd make it back for the St. Louis Cardinals.


All he did in game one of his comeback and the Cardinals-Mets series was go 2-5 and score a run--a surmountable, if unpleasant, contribution from a team's leadoff hitter--but it was the realization that I would have to watch him be fun to watch for the rest of the series that really stuck with me. I don't want to have to deal with his infectious love of the game, his derring-do at the plate, his incredible skill-set, when I already have to deal with Jason Isringhausen's fun comeback coming at the Cardinals' expense. It's just that one can't have too much fun-to-watch all at once like this.