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MLB Trade Rumors: Ubaldo Jimenez, James Shields Top List Of Available-But Starters

In 2010 Ubaldo Jimenez was supposed to be having a kind of latter-day Bob Gibson season; in 2011 he's just another brick in the 2011 MLB Trading Deadline wall. Rumor has Jimenez available, but even the most optimistic rumor-mongers aren't quite convinced he's available-available; the Colorado Rockies would trade him, sure, but only if they were offered something unspeakably brilliant in return. (Like a young ace signed to a below-market-value deal who has shown flashes of total dominance, for instance.)

The St. Louis Cardinals happen to have some unspeakably brilliant things available--Shelby Miller and Carlos Martinez, their not-even-a-little-available top pitching prospects, and Colby Rasmus, who is for whatever reason being run out of town on a rail for not hitting enough like center fielders are supposed to hit--but with the National League Central still perfectly winnable without a dramatic move I'm not sure they have the desperation to pull something Ubaldian off.

Enter the Cincinnati Reds and former Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty. Nobody made his name trading prospects for veterans like Jocketty, and a move for Jimenez or the also-not-really-available James Shields, who Rays manager Joe Maddon has repeatedly declared an unlikely trade candidate would be right in his wheelhouse.