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MLB All-Star Voting: Shane Victorino Campaign Might Be Derailed By Thumb Injury

The Philadelphia Phillies' MLB All-Star Game voting machine has gotten some Boss Tweedian results as of late, but there's one factor that even their ballot-stuffing best-and-brightest wouldn't be able to avoid when it comes to getting Final Vote-winner Shane Victorino onto the National League roster to stay: His thumb injury, which could lead to a stint on the 15-day disabled list. Victorino will be evaluated by team doctors Friday, and the result of that evaluation will mean he's either ready to go or that someone else—potentially from the Final Vote rolls of Andre Ethier, Todd Helton, Michael Morse, and Ian Kennedy—will replace him. 

Victorino, whose OPS+ of 145 is a career high by a wide margin, hasn't played since July 3, when he went 2-3 with two doubles. The Final Vote win was the second of his career; he also earned the spot in 2009, when he led baseball with 13 triples and was coming off his first of three consecutive NL Gold Gloves.

The American League winner was Paul Konerko, who made his fifth American League All-Star team and his second in a row.