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Colby Rasmus Picks Up Two Hits To Get On Board For Toronto Blue Jays

Colby Rasmus fans who, like yours truly, spent most of the MLB trade deadline proclaiming doom and gloom when the Cardinals traded him to the Toronto Blue Jays for Edwin Jackson and several other players who weren't 24-year-old, cost-controlled center fielders who put up an OPS+ of 132 last season, take note: Rasmus is finally on the board with the Jays, picking up two hits after starting his Canadian career in the same slump that got him exiled from St. Louis.


Rasmus-the-Blue-Jay shouldn't be a tough sell for Toronto fans, who are used to their players swinging hard and striking out loudly, but it was still rough to see him get off to such a slow start in a Blue Jays uniform; he can't do anything to help the Cardinals any more, but given the nature of the trade I'd still like to see him prove them wrong, so that John Mozeliak and Tony La Russa don't make the same mistake again with their next strikeout-prone, flat-affect center fielder. (I call it J.D. Drew Syndrome.)