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Prince Fielder Rumors: Washington Nationals, Seattle Mariners Last Teams Standing In Fielder Flux

Once upon a time Prince Fielder was rumored to be turning down a five year, $100 million contract from the Milwaukee Brewers. I'm sure he's had similar offers since—teams in open competition for his service have considerably less incentive to leak their offer than the Brewers, who never expected to have a chance—but as January drones on and we get closer to pitchers and catchers reporting Fielder remains unsigned, and fans who hold Scott Boras's famous methods in distaste remain holding their breath in the hopes he might slip up on his slugging client's behalf. With the Texas Rangers wrangling Yu Darvish, the Washington Nationals and the less-plausible Seattle Mariners remain the most plausible bets for the first baseman's services, but nobody has any idea just what those services might cost.


I could be wrong, but I don't think any of the conspicuously short-term deals floated by fans whose teams may be in the running will end up coming through—it just doesn't make sense for Fielder to risk a down year that deflates his value unless he's already having the kind of contract luck that would follow him if he hit .240 with 26 home runs. But I don't know what a full-sized deal will look like, right now—perhaps more like the one the Brewers offered than, say, Carl Crawford or even Jayson Werth managed in flusher times.