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MLB Rumors 2012: St. Louis Cardinals Interested In Roy Oswalt As A Reliever?

It had previously been mentioned that the St. Louis Cardinals are interested in free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt, but Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that the team isn't interested in Oswalt as a starter. That would seem to imply that the Cardinals do in fact have some interest, but it would be in utilizing Oswalt as a relief pitcher rather than a rotation stalwart.

Realistically, the idea of Oswalt moving to the bullpen seems unlikely. While St. Louis already has a full rotation, necessitating someone to move to the bullpen should Oswalt sign with the Cardinals, it's hard to imagine that the pitcher is interested in that kind of role. Presumably, he would get a chance to start at some point during the season given how often pitchers get injured, but he's the kind of pitcher that should be able to command a spot in someone's starting rotation.

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