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Dwayne Bowe trade rumors: St. Louis Rams make sense, but some are wary

The Rams fans at Turf Show Times aren't particularly into the idea of Dwayne Bowe becoming a member of the Rams.


With the Kansas City Chiefs off to a disastrous 1-5 start, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe apparently wants to jump ship and head elsewhere before the NFL's Week 8 trade deadline. SB Nation's St. Louis Rams blog Turf Show Times posited that the Rams might be a nice fit for the disgruntled receiver, but most Turf Show Tiemes readers weren't weren't very fond of the idea.

With Danny Amendola out with a shoulder injury, and Brian Quick and Austin Pettis not ready to step into a primary receiver role, Bowe might be a nice target for quarterback Sam Bradford, right TST readers?

Let's go to the comments ...

"No" - DCRamFan

"Double 'no'" - Douglas M

"NO!" - Mark Jaramillo

I sense a theme developing here.

A GIF of WWE wrestler Bryan Danielson barfing a bearded "NO" into a microphone. - FailureDrill

The infamous Steve Carrell "NO" GIF. - DCRamFan

You get the picture.

Bowe is an unrestricted free agent next year, and some TST readers were wary of essentially getting the receiver as a half-season rental and losing him to free agency. While the Rams have money to spend this offseason, there are other areas of need to be addressed as well, so dumping a ton of cash into a receiver might not be the wisest allocation of resources.

Or according to one TST reader, a receiver might be a worthwhile offseason target, just not this one.

"I'd rather spend that kind of money on Wallace. Bowe isn't worth it." - Douglas M

If by chance Bowe does get traded to the Rams and we hear a collective groan coming from the general vicinity of St. Louis, at least we'll know where it came from.