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Cardinals vs. Giants score update: Tim Lincecum knocked out of Game 4 as Cardinals lead 4-1

The St. Louis Cardinals got to Tim Lincecum early in Game 4 of their NLCS series with the San Francisco Giants, with the first three batters he faced reaching on their way to a two-run first, and just when Giants fans thought the Freak had settled down they got to him again in the fifth, ending the Giants' deposed ace's night on a bad note when series hero and Carlos Beltran replacement Matt Carpenter just missed another home run on a double that led to two more runs. With Lincecum out of the game after five, the Cardinals lead by a score of 4-1.

In the meantime, the Cardinals' own deposed ace, Adam Wainwright, has put together an excellent—if low-key—start, allowing one run in six innings on four strikeouts and no walks. His only mistake: a sinker he grooved to Hunter Pence for a second-inning home run.

The Cardinals continued to rally in Lincecum's absence, meaning the Giants will have to get to Wainwright early if they want to avoid a 3-1 NLCS deficit.