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Giants vs. Cardinals score update: Cards stretch Game 4 lead to 6-1 on Jon Jay's double

The St. Louis Cardinals scored six runs—that number is Serious, at least when they're being broadcast by Fox Sports Midwest—for the second time in the NLCS Thursday night, when Jon Jay hit a one-out double to put them up on the San Francisco Giants by the score of 6-1 in the sixth inning. The Cardinals' offensive attack has been as broad-based as advertised, with doubles from Jay and Matt Carpenter and RBI from Jay, Allen Craig, Yadier Molina, and a resurgent Matt Holliday.

They've also gotten a strong performance from their heretofore-shaky rotation. Adam Wainwright, who allowed seven runs in eight NLDS innings, allowed just one run in seven on Thursday, with a Hunter Pence solo home run the only blemish. Tim Lincecum, recently returned from the bullpen, was less fortunate, allowing two runs in the first and fifth innings before exiting for the bullpen.

The Cardinals and their fans are no strangers to 2012 postseason comebacks in which a well-regarded team scores six runs, so nobody's counting chickens yet. But the Giants will have to get going soon—and they'll have to stop the Cardinals' offense now.