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Giants vs. Cardinals score update: Lance Lynn's error leads to 4-run Giants rally

Lance Lynn's pitching has been almost beyond reproach, but his fielding led directly to the San Francisco Giants' first runs of the night in the NLCS's crucial Game 5. Lynn made an ill-advised throw to second base on a Hunter Pence grounder that skipped off the bag into the outfield, allowing Marco Scutaro to score and throwing away an easy out in the fourth inning. Lynn retired Brandon Belt next, but a Gregor Blanco walk led to two runs when Brandon Crawford hit a full-count single up the middle to make the score 3-0. A Barry Zito bunt single—you don't see many of those—made it 4-0.

He'd been outstanding up to that point, but thanks to the error he couldn't get around leadoff singles from Scutaro and Pablo Sandoval. Lynn's last fourth inning wasn't great, either—in Game 2 of the NLCS, in his first postseason start ever, he also allowed four runs in what was ultimately a 6-4 Cardinals victory.

That was it for Lance Lynn—the killer wasn't his pitching, it was his throwing. You'll remember the 2006 World Series, but hopefully not too much.