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Cincinnati Reds, already clinched, bring out Mat Latos vs. Cardinals

The Cincinnati Reds clinched the NL Central division championship a while ago, but on Wednesday the St. Louis Cardinals, looking to eliminate the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Wild Card race, will still face Mat Latos, their No. 2 starter. For good or ill—it depends, I guess, on how concerned you are about winning The Right Way—the Reds aren't resting their starters for their last regular season series of the year. The Cardinals have dodged Cy Young contender Johnny Cueto, but the rest of the gang is lined up in order to make final regular season starts against Jaime Garcia, Chris Carpenter, and—well, it depends.

The Cardinals, who will have a winner-takes-all play-in-game to prepare for even if they do clinch, don't yet have the luxury to think about resting their starters. If they manage it ahead of Wednesday's game, against erstwhile no-hitter Homer Bailey, we might see a member of their extended pitching staff, like Shelby Miller, getting the start to keep the rotation intact for the play-in against the Atlanta Braves.

If they don't—well, I can assure you that you'll probably hear some angry people wishing that the Reds were just a little more worried about the health of their postseason starters.