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Cardinals vs. Giants score update: Allen Craig, Carlos Beltran drive in Cards' first run

The St. Louis Cardinals finally got through against Ryan Vogelsong in Game 6 of the NLCS Sunday night, with Carlos Beltran coming around off his two-out double on Allen Craig's RBI single. They still trail the San Francisco Giants 5-1, but the no-hitter and the shutout came off the board in consecutive innings. After Chris Carpenter struggled through his start, Cardinals top prospect Shelby Miller entered the game; he's struck out two in two scoreless innings.

The Cardinals are not so out of this game as it appeared when Chris Carpenter was struggling and the defense looked aimless, but they'll have to really chase Vogelsong—and do some rallying before two outs are on the board—if they want to rally yet again. The Giants got the bullpen up after the Cardinals scored, but sat it down again to start the seventh inning.

On the evening the Cardinals have just six baserunners—and every one of their hits has come with two outs on the board. For more live updates and worrying about the NLCS in general and Game 6 in partiuclar, stay tuned to this storystream.